The Brazos County Youth Livestock Association is a not for profit corporation which hosts the annual Brazos County Youth Livestock Show each spring. The purpose of this association is for the education of the youth of Brazos County with an emphasis on agriculture. We invite all those interested to learn more by visiting our Rule Book. To learn how the community can get involved, visit our Community Involvement page

Contact Information

Mailing Address:

Brazos County Youth Livestock Association
P.O. Box 5725
Bryan, Texas 77805

Email:  [email protected]

Chairman of the Board:
Charles Wendt  (979) 220-0068

Show President:
Barry Bouse   (979) 229-1878

Phone: Brazos County Extension Office (979) 823 – 0129

A&M Consolidated FFA (979) 764 – 5500

College Station High School (979) 694 – 5800

Bryan FFA (979) 209 – 2613

Rudder FFA (979) 209 – 7900


Brazos County Youth Livestock Association


Barry Bouse (21)

Scott Bishop (21)

Craig Hillert (21)

Jay Wilder (18)
Zane Bone (19)

Larry Herd (19)

Everett Lowe (19)

Mike Ruesink (19)

Beau Thurman (20)

Shawn Ramsey (20)

Ryan Lee (20)

Charles Wendt (20)


Chairman of the Board Charles Wendt
President Barry Bouse
1st Vice-President Everett Lowe
2nd Vice-President Shawn Ramsey
Secretary Tracy Wager
Treasurer Beau Thurman


Avery Martin Dusty Tittle John Templeton
Erin Stutts Rodney Martine Sheridan Clinkscales
David Sheffield Chase Vasbinder Kristen Schuler
James Conner  Robert Myatt Kaitlin Shirley
Riley Webb  Michelle Knox Larry White
Dr. Stanley Kelley


Auctioneer Kinney Lester
Show Veterinarian Kevin Washburn, DVM


 Publicity & Advertising Everett Lowe (218-7477)
 Facilities Superintendent Mike Ruesink (777-3742)
Joey Slovacek (219-4707)
 Queen Contest Molly Wilder (820-1875)
 Queen Dance
D’Ette Waldrop (255-1956)
 Market Barrows Mike Ruesink (777-3742)
 Market Steers
David Forrest (845-1543)
Jay Wilder (268-5491)
 Market Goats Scott Fraley (229-9149)
Kris Fraley (255-8914)
 Market Lambs Shawn Ramsey, Ph.D. (229-7683)
 Market Broilers and Turkeys Brandi Lampo (777-8674)
 Market Rabbits
Stephanie Wendt (281-659-7065)
Charles Wendt (220-0068)
 Heifers Larry White (324-4538)

Julie Bishop (324-1385)

 Commercial Steers Judy & Bobby Kurten  (589-2696)
 Family & Consumer Sciences Angela Catlin (220-3094)

Stephanie Czajkowski (255-9778)

 Buyers Dinner and Buyer Recognition Tracy Wager (571-4429)
Membership, Records & Data Entry
Jennifer Bunner (575-9504)
Clerking & Add-On Coordinators Nicole Terry (218-6022)
Premium Checks/Buyer Photo/Thank You Notes Linda Thurman (229-3538)
Web Site & Facebook Coordinator Angela Catlin (220-3094)
Agriculture Mechanics Project Show John Templeton (575-0942)
Joe Muller, Ph.D. (820-250)
Sponsor & Donor Committee Randel Whittlesey (777-0036)
Craig Hillert (220-9088)
Buyer Recruitment Committee Beau Thurman (218-2447)